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Gravel River rock Gravel

Protect Your Property with Quality Ground Fabric

Rocks and Gravel by the 50 lb Bag, or in Bulk Deliveries

  • Loose stone

  • Yellow and white sand

  • Crushed concrete (fine)

  • Crushed coquina

Provide a stable surface to lay your rocks and gravel and keep weeds at bay with landscaping ground fabric from Aurora Stone & Gravel.


You'll also be able to get our specialized pins to keep it in place, ensuring an effective barrier between the dirt and your gravel.

You'll SAVE $20 on your purchase over $200!

(exclusions apply)

Accent Your Property with Rocks and Gravel

Add a truly unique touch to your landscape with rocks and gravel from Aurora Stone & Gravel. Depending on the look you're going for, we have an extensive variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of rocks and gravel.


Come check out all the options in person, so you can see the subtle differences between all of our products and make the best decision for your property. Visit us today

or call 321-253-4808 to ask any questions!

  • River rock (4+ sizes)

  • Red crimson stone

  • Lime rock #57

  • White marble chips

Depending on your

property, an on-site consultation may be

required to give an accurate quote.

Call for details!